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Karpersky People in Tech: breaking 
IT stereotypes
Kaspersky has long been more than just an anti-virus company. In 25 years, Kaspersky has grown from a small group of like-minded people to a companywith offices all over the world that:

  • protects over 400 million users
  • develops unique KasperskyOS, the cybernetic protection of the future
  • designs the security solutions of the future
  • educates professionals and users on cyber security

Kaspersky annually ranks as one of the top employers. In 2022 Kaspersky HR brand was #1 (according to the leading RBC rating).

One of the Employer Brand team goals is to motivate more talented people to join IT. Preferably do so by choosing Kaspersky as the result of understanding how the company works, getting to know its powerful team and learning about the key benefits.
Together we created People in Tech: an inspiring special project where we:

  • refuted the most common IT stereotypes with real-life examples
  • explained one can actually create cutting-edge products
  • spoke fo girls success and growth in IT
  • supported life-work balance with stories of combining a career and parenting
We see that there are two categories of stereotypes about IT in Russia. Some of them have been with us since the days when developers were referred to as "computer guys". Others have come along in the last few years due to calls to "become a programmer in a day and start earning a million rubles a minute". We decided to dot all the i's and cross all the t's with market research and employer survey and explained why not all stereotypes are well grounded.
Daria Shchekochikhina, Employer Branding Manager
Creative concept
We had ideas of a folklore-style narrative with a fairy tale visual design, an interactive landing page with really awesome artifacts, as well as hilarious viral videos. Our creative winner idea was a bright, minimalist concept, showcasing the Kaspersky Lab employees and their stories.
Christina Branchugova
Head of Brand Communications
My team, the internal communications team and the HR department are part of the community despite not being tech experts. We share the same values and interests and need to know our way around the industry.
The special project page breaks 16 stereotypes through personal stories of the employees. It is engaging and interactive: a user opts in or out of agreement with the statement of choice, then a real fact explains why the statement is nothing but a myth. The mechanic has a secret benefit for the client as we get the data-based feedback on key barriers of people considering IT careers.
That’s how it is!
Not at all
Working in IT is boring and monotonous. All you do is code non-stop.
Visual Design
For the visuals, we have used a color palette Kaspersky had never recurred to before: dark backgrounds and vivid emphasizing parts. The signature green color and recognizable hexagons made the style look consistent with the brand's previous communication.

We arranged a two-day photo shoot for the project participants: we invited a stylist, a makeup artist, and a photographer to the office. Thanks to the informal conversations we came up with creative images for each one of the protagonists. The pictures were really emotional and sincere, which is very important for such a personality-centered project.
Advertising campaign
We have analyzed the platforms where the client planned to promote the project: from the intranet to the media and social networks.

We used a tailored approach for each advertising platform to have the communication satisfy the target audience: we have developed and resized more than 500 banners and 18 GIF images. We assured the diversity by including executives, charismatic old-timers of the company, and enthusiastic newcomers.
Campaign results:
mentions of People in Tech in social media and mass media
audience interactions with the content on the website
unique visitors of the landing page
16 000+
25 000
views in month #1
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