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How to work with
the audience from
a highly regulated segment
Strategy | Analytics | Design | Programming
One of key companies from a highly regulated segment in Russia (tobacco & alcohol). The company's portfolio includes brands of different price segments: from budget to premium.
About a Client
  • Develop relationships with the current audience;
  • Introduce new products to the audience;
  • Convey the brand's image and values.
A highly regulated segment is a segment where advertising is strictly regulated by Russia’s Federal Law No. 38 "Advertising".
The following activities are prohibited:
  • Any advertising formats carrying trade names or trademarks;
  • Any events sponsorship;
  • Organization of mass events and activities that stimulate purchase (for example, using products as a reward);
  • Content references to sports and healthy lifestyle, children, family, specific people, etc;
  • Charity sponsorship labeling with brand names and trademarks;
  • Any post-purchase contests and lotteries;
  • Discounts and coupons.
This automatically bans any traditional channels, such as social networks or other platforms for prospects' attraction purposes. Neither can we collect user data, for example, invite people to subscribe to an email newsletter.
Each brand has its own web platform that allows the audience to learn more about the products and values of a particular brand.

We do regular activations to interact with the audience. They help us introduce the brand and its philosophy, products, production process and other content to new audiences.
To engage users and keep them on web platforms, we use creative mechanics.
The Team teachable
Test mechanics
The user answers a few questions and gets a result. Simple mechanics that opens numerous doors to its creative usage. From a simple "What is best for you" to more complex ones, i.e. interactive traveling or storylines.

Test mechanics serve great in the mission of demonstrating product benefits and connecting consumers to a specific product in the line.
Object Search
The simple but engaging mechanics turns product exploration into a quest. Great way to take a consumer through all the key product criterias.
The Team teachable
User-generated content (UGC)
User-generated content allows the audience to interact with the brand through the lens of consumers. It helps to connect with the brand and its values through consumer experience.

The simpler the mechanics, the more often people post their content. We made sure adding content was the simplest and the quickest of ways possible.
Brand quiz is a multiple choice test that no one can ever fail). It is a guided fun way to introduce consumers to the Brand, its history and values. Cherry on the cake that keeps one going is often
a chance to win a great prize.

Transforming questions and responses into visuals makes the experience even more fascinating and inspiring. Missing a bit of a challenge? In one of our projects, we used distorted images for users
to test their chances of depicting the answer.
For large-scale launches, we used a set of game mechanics that became available sequentially. This allowed us to keep the audience engagement at a high level and encourage people to visit the platform regularly.
Travel to the most beautiful corners of the planet with the new product
A gamified promo page that works like
a clock mechanism
Travel to the most beautiful corners of the planet with the new product
A gamified promo page that works like
a clock mechanism
For the promotions, we build a single ecosystem with all communication channels interconnected.
The email communications are based on the same concept as the idea of promotion on the web platform. Each email has its own interactive mechanics to initiate the activation and to discover what prize is behind. One click away is a secret landing on the platform, with final steps to complete the activation.
A separate interactive mechanic is designed for mobile devices, targeted to get users to register on the Branded platform.
Text messages notify the users of new activations and remind of the ongoing ones yet open to complete.
Each project has a unique set of rewards exactly matching the creative idea and Brand image.

It could be smartphones, game consoles, devices, experiences, etc.
Or non-monetary benefits: useful checklists, guides, sticker packs and desktop wallpapers
to e-services
Shopping certificates
Gift certificates
Travel certificates
(Re)Activation delivery process
We work with several brands at a time. One brand — one platform, each requiring systematic updates. Custom creative delivery for each brand happens on the basis of the centralized technical backbone. Roles and processes on our side are adapted to assure on-time and quick delivery.
Analyzing market trends and competitors, defining the main trends.
Creative idea
Creative idea
The creative team develops a general promo concept based on Brand KPI for the selected quarter/year.
Activation mechanics mapping

Activation mechanics mapping

Creative and development teams build implementation options behind ideas. Cost and time analysis create priority ladder facilitating the choice
Client choices
Client choices
The brand group evaluates ideas, costs and timings on the presented priority ladder. Winner concept goes to production.
Brand platform update is developed in parallel with production of all communication supports. Consumer database IT partners implement updates to store new consumer activities stats.
Usual delivery cycle takes 1−2 months for each activation.
Campaign analysis
Campaign analysis
Summary stats and learnings land in a KPI report.
Usually, it is delivered together with first ideas on the next activation.
Our (Re)Activation delivery process provides multi-brand Client with on-time permanent delivery of consumer engagements. Clients spend minimum time in each work cycle, while Activations focus on specific KPI delivery such as:
Growth of consumer base
Increase of engagement metrics
Conversion boost
Increase of targets’ Click Rate
Increase of communications Open Rate

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