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Boosting ranks to the Top:
how we scaled up the sales of a Big Fashion Retailer
E-commerce | Content Management | Adaptation | Creative Solutions
An active online store means banners get updated in real time on a daily basis, as do the 10 thousand SKUs. It means dozens of colorful promotional pages every year and an infinite number of attention-grabbing mailings.

A major international fashion retailer (global online and offline in 18 countries) addressed us with the ambitious scope: to debug a huge developing online sales mechanism and to ensure that the local website fully complies with the company’s global standards.
We deep-dived into standard client processes around e-commerce and content. Immediately took on a leadership role for everything related to the content updates.

We focused on discipline and transparency by developing a unique status tracking tool. It centralized data on all numerous jobs in delivery or back-logged for the site.
4-5 hours weekly spent on:
30 minutes weekly:
20 hours monthly spent:
Convergent Content Management:
Daily check for page updates:
Trust and transfer of responsibility to Convergent:
manual KPI reports
by the Client’s managers to replace the images on the website site
the client checked the updates for all the collections
single glance on a dashboard with an automated report of Google Analytics metrics
we updated content management processes to minimize Client’s involvement. For example, with Convergent’s access to the Brand image bank, image updates no longer required Client resources.
the Client entrusted us with responsibility to manage the site based on the Collections release plan. It makes all planning and workflows seamless for the Client and eliminates the anxiety and control clutter clients usually have to deal with when outsourcing site updates.
We started out by supporting only the top-node pages of the online store for certain requests. A year later, we are the Client’s strategic partner in all digital processes.
updates of the tope-node
website pages
thematic promotional pages
launched annually
in sales among all fashion retailers in Russia
Our Client’s opinion on "why Convergent":
We started with several banners per week, and a month later it was already 40−50 per week thanks to the rapid adaptation process and productionby the in-house team.
1. Efficiency in processes set-up
Has the product been sold out before the main page got updated? No problem, let’s just replace the banner. Have the terms of delivery changed? We’ll update the main page and whip up a press release in a couple of hours. Flexibility and prioritizing skills are the cornerstone of teamwork.
2. Prompt response to changes
We have updated
our content plan, collection launch
is tomorrow
Okay. We have
the back-up images ready to go
Even if the processes have proved themselves to be excellent, we keep adapting our actions to business changes. The most helpful tools here are disciplined connects Agency-Client, immediate testing of any hypotheses Convergent comes up with, as well as the hands-on application of the experience accumulated by the in-house team.
3. Continuous evolution
We are running a dozen tasks in parallel, each one consisting of 5 to 10 steps. The status tool allows us to be sure that everything is under control, even when the deadlines are pressing. This also helps the client to keep calm and leave the rest to us.
4. Capability to be on the same page
The status of the special collection banners has been updated. That means the work is going according to the plan!
We are constantly in touch with the client, brainstorming on ideas together and helping each other. We are sensitive to the needs of business and people, and flexible enough to follow them, which is why the client trusts us as experts.
5. Teamwork focus
Of course we do face stress, but we know how to exhale and think in a creative way. Our extensive experience in various situations and constant access to the agency’s senior experts speed up the solution design process.
6. Everything for the stress-free results
Do you have a complicated task to accomplish?
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