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Digital activities
of the top telecoms
in 2022 (Russia)
Analytics | Strategy | Сommunications
  • Case
    The telecom market in Russia is built around four key players. Operator switch process is very simple for a consumer. Offering benefits is a big chase among operators. It is becoming more difficult for brands to fight for the attention and loyalty of their audience. This pushes communication strategy shifts and brand refreshes to happen more often than a standard global industry practice.

    Convergent conducted the study around the recent digital activities in Telecom industry, focusing on the Brands' consumer communications.
  • Insight
    The most recent shift of communications happened in the spring of 2022. Brands noticeably changed their tone of voice, as well as creative and audience engagement formats. They shifted from mass targeting to helping each person shine, stimulating it via contests aimed at discovering talents in each human.

    Convergent regularly analyzes trends in different market segments to know how the changes affect the consumers' habits and perception. This data helps our clients and us to better navigate in the volatile environment.
Find points of growth in communication with consumers. To do this, we had to evaluate industry communication landscape in terms of communication approaches, formats and digital tools:

  1. How is the brands' global communication strategy changing?
  2. What content are they publishing? How does it increase visibility, sell the product and engage customers?
  3. How have the content format and audience needs changed recently?
Communication goals
of telecom operators
Brand awareness
New followers
Study results:
Interactive content has become a king of consumer communication. Brands are interested in knowing what their audience thinks in response to the content
Telecom providers stopped focusing on prize stimulations and shifted their attention to quality target audience response, launching sophisticated creative contests for this purpose
Bloggers with millions of followers are out of current trend. Brands are turning to microinfluencers to attract segmented loyal audience
Telecom providers are more focused on developing VK and Telegram communities
Communication points of growth

Here are our recommendations for the telecom brands:
  1. Restructure communication in time, conveying warmth and support as the priority.
  2. Stimulate UGC, hold engaging contests rather than giveaways.
  3. Create lifestyle content: launch podcasts, shoot clips and stories, create games.

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