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Novabev Group: an automated cash-back promotion for WineLab using a chatbot
participants in 2023 compared to 2022
receipts processed
interactions with the chatbot
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участников в 2023
(на 2К больше,
чем в 2022)
за 2 мес. (на 2К больше чем в прошлом году)
participants in 2023 compared to 2022
The WineLab chain is part of the Novabev Group, a Russian alcohol producer operating since 1999. Novabev production facilities include seven of its own factories, and 168,000 retail points throughout the country.
The company has been running the "Rosé Summer" promotion for several years now. Its main objective is to increase sales of rosé wines in the summer, the most relevant time of year for this product category.

The primary condition for participating is to purchase wine from the promotional lineup. To advertise the promotion, every WineLab store placed banners with a QR code. Scanning the code would send customers to the chatbot, which would take them through the sign-up process. Once this was done, customers could upload receipts to accumulate points, which could then be exchanged for prizes.
Challenge and objective
During previous years' promotions, all receipts uploaded to the chatbot were checked manually. This process was time-consuming, required moderators' budget, and introduced the risk of human error.
Our objectives were to automate the promotion as much as possible, migrate everything to online including prizes distribution, and improve on the performance indicators of previous years.
A Telegram chatbot that contains emotionally engaging content and natural scripts for registering purchase receipts for users and at the same time serves business objectives of cost-efficiency.
What we did:
We corresponded the consumer journey in the promotion to the clear structure of the chatbot’s branching logic.
We created entertaining and informative content to keep the focus on the promoted products throughout the entire duration of the promo.
We fully automated the prize mechanics: from awarding points to selecting and receiving prizes.
We integrated anti-fraud protection to thwart unscrupulous participants who attempt to win prizes through fraud. Accordingly, the system blocks users who register under different names from the same phone number, as well as suspicious users who upload more than five receipts per hour to the chatbot.
We provided technical and customer support: Convergent staff handled all questions, requests, and comments from users.
We implemented code to automatically validate the receipts via the Federal Tax Service, and to immediately calculate points comparing the items on a validated receipt against the database of items included in the promotional lineup.
Receipts are checked automatically, promotion prizes are issued as digital certificates, and users are not burdened with unnecessary actions. This year’s promotion attracted more participants than ever before.
in 2 months
prizes issued
with the chatbot
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